REDZINC – Wearable video: Wearable video for with 5G Slicing for Scale Testing


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Experiment description

RedZinc provides wearable video, based on video headsets and can support, acute prehospital patients triage decisions, remote diagnosis, treatment and oversight. This improves patient outcome, optimizing healthcare pathways and making operational savings from enhanced efficiency.

The idea of this experiment is to scale test the video stream in a simulated 5G test environment to check if it is feasible to carry out the potential number of required emergency video calls to a satisfactory quality level, in a city such as Madrid.

Pre-canned video from simulated paramedic events were used for the scale testing. Two video qualities were considered 640×360 and 1280×720.

Several scenarios were considered and shown to three hospitals and one ambulance services in 3 countries (Spain, Poland, UK) as part of the project as shown in Figure 1


Figure 1 - Pre-Hospital – In-Hospital - Senior support in operating theatre

RedZinc service delivery platform was deployed was deployed into three 5GinFIRE testbed sites in Bristol, Madrid and Poznan. The service delivery platform consists of multiple VNF – virtual network function which are the building blocks for a 5G Slice. Figure 2 shows the configuration.

Figure 2 - RedZinc’s Service Delivery Platform and 5GinFIRE testbed

Results and Conclusions

The experiment was a success. The desired performance can be achieved with a dedicated number servers.

  • Full Load. ‘C’ concurrent video sources
  • Average Codec Bit Rate ‘B’ mbps
  • ‘A’ CPUs per Server
    • 1 Server with maximum of ‘X’ streams per server
    • Each server maintained within Y% CPU
  • ‘Z’ GByte memory

A, C, B, X, Y and Z are data points relevant to system performance, are considered confidential and are available to the 5GinFIRE project in deliverable D3 and under confidential agreement with interested third parties.

A number of demos were included at 4 hospitals and ambulance services in Madrid, Poznan and London. These demos simulated:

  • Basilar Skull fracture
  • Spinal Injury
  • Orthopaedic Surgery Support

In each of these demos the medical personnel involved indicated interested in further discussion with RedZinc.

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