The 5GINFIRE Open Calls

During its life time, the 5GINFIRE project organized four competitive open calls with an overall budget of almost 2,500,000€, looking for new infrastructures to enlarge the 5GINFIRE experimental infrastructure, new and additional functionalities to improve and enhance the 5GINFIRE experimental framework, and experiments to test innovative solutions on the top of the 5GINFIRE. The most part of the contributions (157 proposals in total) was received from SMEs, followed by Academia, and Research Institutions (Figure 5). This trend can be also observed for the 30 accepted proposals, where half of them are from SMEs.

In alignment with the overall project objectives, the 5GINFIRE project is organising a collaborative open call targeting external organisations, including industry, SMEs, research institutions, and academia, interested in performing experiments on the top of the infrastructure provided by 5GinFIRE. This 5GinFIRE open call invites experimenters to use the 5GINFIRE experimental facilities, taking advantage of the provided testbed features such as SDN, NFV, and VxFs to test vertical applications and other services in context of the 5G networks.

Open Call statistics for experiments

Altogether 119 proposals for experiments have been submitted and 22 of them accepted , resulting with an overall success rate of 18%. The highest number of proposals has been received and accepted from SMEs.

Experiment Areas and Domains

The main application areas addressed by the experiments were in areas of Cooperative Intelligent Transportation and various media related applications (multi-media streaming, real-time a/c surveillance, emergency services, etc.). Further experiments were focusing on optimizing various 5G capabilities (latency, slicing, security, energy efficiency, etc.) and some specific applications, such as IoT enabled application for tourism and accessibility solutions.

Thus, the main individual domain addressed by the 5GINFIRE experimenters was the 5G networking capabilities (40% of experiments), whereas majority of experiments addressed various industry vertical sectors, mainly Automotive and Smart Cities (Note that testbeds / experimental infrastructures enabling experimentation in other vertical domains joined the 5GINFIRE later during the project life time).


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