ADOCKER is a platform that allow experimenters to set up their own testbed for experimenting on 5GINFIRE. This new platform is based on a Kubernetes cluster and is able to be deployed automatically. It uses two types of nodes: the workers, where the VNFs are deployed, and the master which manages the infrastructure and connects it to the 5GINFIRe platform. The master node is permanent, while any number of worker nodes can be added from remote places and deleted once they are no longer needed. All of this is done automatically and no tedious work or deep knowledge is required from the experimenters. The integration with the OSM is guaranteed by the ADOCKER middleware and the VIM plugin.


The goal of the OSM_Autoscaler extension project was to enhance Open Source Mano (OSM) Release 5 (R5) with our predictive autoscaling software. The goal was accomplished at the level of integration with the OSM R5 codebase, and we conducted experiments in order to quantitatively compare the performance of our implementation against the performance of OSM R5 autoscaler.

We concluded that in most use cases, OSM_Autoscaler outperforms the default OSM autoscaler. This is due to the fact that our predictive analytics methods are able to capture phenomena, such as sudden load increases or decreases (stemming from clients requesting CPU-intensive NFV services) within an NFV environment orchestrated by OSM.

From a business point of view, we have concluded that the forecast models implemented in OSM_Autoscaler are effective in deciding appropriate values of the scaling-in or the scaling-out step. The configuration of OSM_Autoscaler with the Holt-Winters algorithm has been proven as the best performant in the majority of scenarios we experimented.

Our 5GINFIRE project provided to Modio Computing ( with significant knowledge, which will be capitalized during the development of a new engine for predictive autoscaling, intended to be marketed through a licensing scheme in order to enhance the functionality of commercial NFV cloud products. To that end, Modio (with the help of the 5GFIRE consortium) has joined ETSI OSM group as a participant ( and is aiming at a Proof of Concept project.


Slicenet-5G offers to experimenters an SDN-managed network slice, which allows them to flexibly deploy their service infrastructures.
The SDN solution offered by the functionality facilitates the dynamic connectivity in the slice of the application software components in a flexible and scalable way.
More specifically, an experimenter may want to dynamically establish service chains among different applications service components. The Slicenet-5G functionality offers him an automated and programmable way to configure and control the SDN capabilities within the network slice (i.e., data plane forwarding rules of SDN switches).

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