Deliverable No. Deliverable name Abstract Delivery Date (project month)
D1.1Project management handbookAbstract6
D1.2Data Management PlanAbstract6
D1.3Intermediate management repoort24
D2.15GinFIRE Experimental Infrastructure Architecture and 5G Automotive Use CaseAbstract4
D2.25GinFIRE Experimental Infrastructure Architecture and 5G Automotive Use Case (update)18
D3.15G Experimentation portal, tools and middlewareAbstract11
D3.2Update on 5G Experimentation tools and FIRE IntegrationAbstract18
D3.3Evolution of the 5G experimentation tooling36
D4.1Operational MANO PlatformAbstract12
D4.2Intermediate Report on the MANO Platform24
D4.3Final Report on the MANO Platform30
D5.15G Testbed Integration and EVI deployment guidelinesAbstract18
D5.2Enabling 5G Automotive Vertical for Experimentation and Other EVIs36
D5.3Intermediate report on 5G Testbed Integration and EVI deployment guidelinesAbstract12
D6.1Infrastructure Operation24
D6.2Infrastructure Operation (update)36
D7.1First report on project Open CallsAbstract18
D7.2Second report on project Open Calls36
D8.1Website and project brandingAbstract4
D8.2Initial exploitation, dissemination and standardization planAbstract6
D8.3Intermediate exploitation, dissemination and standardisation report24
D8.4Final exploitation, dissemination and standardisation report36
D9.1H - Requirement No. 14
D9.2POPD - Requirement No. 24
D9.3POPD - Requirement No. 336
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