Workshop: Technological Gaps and Opportunities for Realizing Open Source based end-to-end Network Architecture

co-located with MobiCom’17 October 15-16


Ultimate convergence of all technologies from wireless to wired communications and computing platforms is one of the key object of next generation telecom networks such as 5G. It is evident that Open Source tools and communities, with initiatives such as OpenAirInteface, ONF, Open Compute,CORD, ONAP etc will play a key role in development of required key technologies and associated standards for achieving this objective. So far, there have been parallel and silos activities in EU and USA supported by either industry or government programs such as EU-H2020 and NSF-PAWR. These activities are often contained within EU or USA communities and more importantly they are solely focus on either hardware or software. Great technical progress and achievements have been made in all areas and as such now it is a good time to bring these communities from both side of Atlantic and form hardware and software area together.


This workshop aims to drive architectural convergence in the open source community projects across the domains and layers of wireless and wired networking research. The aim is to provide a forum for both industry and academia to exchange views and visions on end-to-end network architectures. We will discuss cutting-edge network function virtualization (NFV) for wireless communication over the vertical experimental platforms’ point of view including: architecture, systems and applications as well as alternatives and trade-offs in developing technologies for successful deployment. The workshop will overview key network related open source projects, standardization efforts, early implementations, use cases, and commercial products. The workshop will also leverage the potential collaborations between USA and EU/UK taking into account the core NFV architecture and its relationship with complementary fields such as software defined networking (SDN) and dispersed (cloud and edge) computing and their integration and operation as part of real infrastructures e.g. PAWR. In this context, the workshop aspires to lay down the foundations for identifying key technologies and best practices for building network infrastructure through open hardware and software recommendations and designs that will enable edge research, large-scale trials, and interoperability events.Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:

  • Open Source Software
  • Open Hardware and White Boxes
  • 5G Environment Integration and Standardization
  • Gap Analysis and Roadmap towards joint research program
  • Outcome and action points

Dates and Location

The 2-day event is to be held on October 15-16, 2017 in Snowbird, Utah, at the The Cliff Lodge at Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort.


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Workshop Chairs

Abhimanyu Gosain
Northeastern University

Aloizio P. Silva
University of Bristol
Anastasius Gavras
Christos Tranoris
University of Patras
Dimitra Simeomidou
University of Bristol
Reza Nejabati
University of Bristol
Spyros Denazis
University of Patras

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